When Would You Need An Immigration Lawyer?

Thousands of people apply for a visa yearly to get into the U.S. or a different country. The process for applying for a visa can be pretty straightforward. Although, it could become complicated at times due to some issues. Generally, one would not need an immigration attorney. 

However, there might be multiple instances when one would be required to hire a Queens, NY Immigration Lawyer to obtain a visa. The lawyer could help the applicant to file for paperwork and have follow-up communication with the consulate. 

There are several instances when one would need a lawyer, as listed below. 

Need for an immigration lawyer:

  • Immigration court proceedings

If an applicant has been in immigration court deportation proceedings, they must immediately hire a lawyer in Queens, NY. If an applicant’s immigration proceedings are not yet finished or are on appeal, their entire immigration status and situation will be dependent on their decision to hire a lawyer. 

If applicants try to avoid hiring a lawyer, they might risk their immigration status. Similarly, if the applicant attempts to use the same application procedures, they might face deportation. 

  • Inadmissible to the U.S.

One of the most common legal issues encountered by several immigrants is the claim by the consulate or USCIS that they are inadmissible to the U.S. The consulate or USCIS might claim that the applicant is financially unstable. 

If an immigrant becomes aware of any such claims by the consulate or USCIS, they must rush to hire an attorney. Seeking legal help before the applicant begins with the application can be significantly helpful. The lawyer will help the applicant determine if a waiver is available and prepare documents accordingly. 

  • Immigration options 

If you are yet to apply for a visa and need to figure out the best immigration options, you should consider hiring an immigration attorney. A potential employee wanting to apply for a work visa qualifies for multiple visas or different types of green cards. 

The immigration attorney can help the employee or employer as an applicant to decide which visa suits their needs and qualifications. Similarly, the immigration attorney can assist with family-based or other types of visas. 

  • Paperwork 

There might be instances when an applicant will feel overwhelmed with the paperwork. Even the most straightforward U.S. immigration policies and procedural applications require applicants to fill out forms and collect documents to prove their eligibility. In such cases, the attorney can provide the attorney with detailed instructions to complete the paperwork and ensure their application gets accepted. 

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