What You Need to Know About Avvo

People, who need an attorney might be wondering: what is a Avvo lawyer rating? How would it affect your decision? Is it imperative for a lawyer to have a high Avvo rating? These are all valid questions, mainly because the Avvo system has earned more traction in the last few years. More people are signing up, attorneys are detailing their experiences, and regular people are using the platform for legal questions. It’s become such a great benefit for everyone involved, so let’s find out more about it. 

What is Avvo?

Avvo is a platform that has quickly become the best legal marketplace online, and it allows people to seek legal advice on the phone or online at low costs. Furthermore, you can find lawyers all over the country with different specialties to suit their needs. 

Aside from these benefits, Avvo also includes a rating feature based on each attorney’s profile on the site. It also allows for client and peer reviews so that people can have a better insight into a particular person’s work. 

Is It a Free Service?

Lawyers can have a basic listing on Avvo utterly free of charge, but the platform offers a premium service for a fee similar to LinkedIn. Many professionals choose to pay for the premium service, mainly because the market is so competitive. 

The most used part of Avvo is the question-and-answer forum. Where users can participate and get answers for free. However, each attorney must understand that they could be responsible for whatever advice they give. 

Lawyers Have to Claim Their Profiles

There’s a high chance a lawyer already has a profile on the platform because Avvo searches through other databases to create their profile. However, a lawyer can claim their public profile and adjust it as necessary. But they become responsible for the management of the profile. 

Ways of Getting your Profile on Avvo

As mentioned before, lawyers first have to check if they already have a profile on the site. Any attorney who has passed the bar and been in the business for more than a year should already appear in Avvo. 

Otherwise, you might have to create a profile from scratch. It’s relatively easy to make, as it’s almost like a social media platform with a “create new profile” option. You can start filling in your information including your license and the places where you are allowed to practice. 

Getting Reviews on Avvo?

There’s a feature on the platform called “Request Reviews,” where the profile owner can send emails to up to 50 clients asking them to leave them reviews. You can write each individual’s email and send it. 

Avvo recommends doing this because getting reviews on the site can benefit your profile, increase your rating and improve your visibility. It shows that lawyers are in contact with their former clients and whether or not their service was satisfactory for them. 

Therefore, every lawyer should consider perfecting their profile on the site, whether they believe they will use it often or not. It’s a great service that can connect them with clients that don’t know where to look for attorneys. They can also get involved in the forum section and participate actively with possible clients.


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