What to Discuss with Nursing Home Attorneys?

Families place their senior loved ones in a nursing home when they can no longer provide adequate care for them. The circumstances may involve progressive diseases such as Alzheimer’s that require 24-hour care for the patient. These families entrust their loved ones with these facilities, and if their loved ones sustain injuries, the families have the right to take action.

Generate Records of the Senior’s Injuries

Whenever the family suspects that their senior loved one is being abused in their nursing home, they should take the senior to their doctor for an examination. If there are any signs of abuse, the doctor will create records that show these injuries, and the records will become evidence in the investigation against the nursing home and their staff. They must find out what worker caused the injuries, too.

Report the Injuries to the Authorities

Next, the family must report the crimes to local law enforcement. They will begin an investigation to find out what worker caused the injuries, and the family can press formal charges against the worker and the nursing home for these crimes. Once the worker has been identified, they will be arrested and charged with elder abuse. The worker will be charged, and the criminal case will proceed separately from any civil cases filed by the family.

Remove the Senior from the Facility

The family must remove their senior from the facility for their safety. It is common for workers to retaliate against seniors in nursing homes if they report the workers. It is recommended that the family moves their loved one to a new facility or keep them in their home throughout the case. Families can find out more about elder abuse and how to manage their case by contacting nursing home attorneys right now.

Start a Claim Against the Nursing Home

The family will start a civil claim against the nursing home according to the findings of the doctor’s assessments. For example, if the patient sustained broken bones, has excessive bedsores, or any signs of abuse or assault, the records will be presented in the case. The family will seek compensation for these events through the civil case, and they could also ask for all payments sent to the nursing home for their loved one’s care.

What To Expect

If the family wins their case, they may receive economic damages for all financial losses they sustained while the senior was in the nursing home’s care. They may receive compensation for tort-based reasons such as pain and suffering or mental anguish. The court may penalize the nursing home for their role in allowing the injuries. However, any decisions made about shutting down the nursing home may come through the criminal case against the worker and the nursing home administrator.

Nursing homes must follow strict guidelines for patient care. If they do not evaluate their staff properly, there is a risk of elder abuse. If a senior is abused in nursing homes, the administrator and the worker are liable for the injuries. Families can find out more about civil cases against nursing homes by contacting an attorney now.


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