What Services Do Real Estate Agents Offer To Get Turkish Citizenship

Immigration to any country requires immense paperwork and approval cycles. Any foreigner who wants to settle down in Turkey has to go through a few legal procedures. It is a known fact that foreigners need to invest a sum of $250,000 and buy a property to get Turkish citizenship. It is one of the pre-requisite to be a part of Turkey.   

Turkish passport is the second requirement. As soon as you book a property in Turkey, the process to apply for the passport begins. However, foreigners should know about the types of passport issued by the Turkey Government:

Ordinary Passport: It is the public passport of Turkish citizens. 

Green passport: It is given to high-level government officers.

Grey Passport: It is issued to state employees, journalists, etc.

Black Passport: They are issued to authorized government officers working abroad. 

What Services Do Real Estate Agents Provide To Foreigners?

A real estate advisor does the complete citizenship formalities on your behalf. They liaison with the departments and get every necessary approval for your ease. They provide three main services:

Property Acquisition:

They are the only key to buy a property in Turkey. They refer you with exact details of the property like location, type, price, etc. You need to connect to an agent to book a property.

Immigration Process:

The advisors work with the immigration law firms to ease the immigration procedure for you. They process all your documents to the respective authorities for approval.

Rental Management

If you choose to rent, these advisors will handle all your rental paperwork and records.

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