What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need For A Dog Bite?

Injuries and damages can occur anytime and anywhere. You will be surprised to know the probability of facing an injury in random places. Dog bites are among the most common types of Injuries. Often, dog bite victims do not know what kind of lawyer they will need after being injured by a dog. 

Besides knowing and hiring the correct type of lawyer from the Law Office of James T. Ponton, LLC, it will be helpful for you to contact medical support immediately after being injured. Neglecting medical help after an injury can result in more casualties and worse-case scenarios. 

What are your options after facing a dog bite injury?

Pursuing an insurance claim is one of the most fundamental steps one should take after being bitten by someone’s pet. The dog bite victim should try to stay calm and deal with the situation with logical reasoning. It would be most helpful if the dog bite victim hired a skilled attorney specializing in dog bite cases and personal injury. 

Ideally, dog bite victims should hire a personal injury lawyer for legal representation and claims. Personal injury lawyers specializing in dog bite claims can effectively take care of the legal procedure and deal with the insurance company for the dog bite victims.

By hiring an experienced lawyer, you can choose to file a lawsuit against the pet’s owner. After hiring a lawyer, you should also ask them about the local and state laws to check if the pet’s owner is responsible for scratches and falls caused by their pets. 

Proving dog bite with the help of a lawyer: 

The prime objective behind hiring a lawyer for dog bite injuries is to seek fair compensation and justice. Often, many dog bite victims do not get fair compensation for the injuries and damages they sustain. The unfair settlements are due to varying degrees of difficulty in proving liability for the injury. 

Victims cannot file for paperwork, gather evidence, and tackle the defense all at once. In such cases, hiring a dog bite lawyer will become essential. A lawyer can help prove the liability of the dog bite by gathering evidence and dealing with the legal procedure.

Besides, some jurisdictions will hold the pet’s owner liable if their pet causes any harm to someone. The liability of the pet’s owner can drastically increase if their pet has an aggressive history of causing damage to others. Pet owners are responsible for ensuring the public’s safety regarding their pets.

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