What Information Do You Need After A Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall incidents are hazardous; they could lead to a serious injury that could alter your life. This is why they should be taken seriously when they happen. If you ever slip and fall on a person’s property, you could receive compensations for your injuries with the right slip and fall accident attorney backing you up. You need some information after a slip and fall accident to help you prove your case. Below are some of the information you need to know when you experience a slip and fall incident.

Immediate Medical Treatment

The first thing to do when you experience a slip and fall accident is to get immediate medical treatment. Information about your medical records and bills should be available and show that you got treatment immediately after your injury. This is to prevent the defendant from strengthening their arguments with delay and gaps in treatment. Make sure all your symptoms are mentioned in your medical record.

Make A Report

The next information you need to have if you want to make a claim is your accident report. You or someone available should make a report to the property owner or manager about your accident as soon as it happens. You can have this done right at the scene or after the hospital. Ensure you keep a copy of the document for your slip and fall accident attorney to help you lay claims.

Take Pictures

This is just as important; you will need lots of pictures. Have a witness take pictures immediately and lots of it. You could also have pictures taken of the location immediately after you’ve gone to the hospital. Ensure the images are taken from different angles and show the exact location of your fall. Let the conditions leading to the fall also be displayed in the picture. Your slip and fall accident attorney might find it challenging to make a case without a photo to back it up.

Get Witness Contact Information

This is also an important part of making your case. If there were witnesses to your fall, ensure that you have their contact information together. If there was anyone who also saw the conditions leading to the fall or your reaction after the fall, include them. Sometimes, it helps when there are people aware of similar falls in the same location before.

Limit Communication

This is very important. After reporting the incident, talk less about the incident other than making a statement. Do not make recorded statements, and try not to go into details when talking about it. Even if your slip and fall accident attorney have a strong case for you, people you’ve spoken to might testify against you. Don’t downplay your injury or try to explain the reason you fell. Also, limit your communication with the homeowner and avoid being too emotional about the case.

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