What are the car accident laws in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is prone to accidents. The rate of accidents is extreme, and the role of a Philadelphia car accident attorney is crucial. This article will showcase the laws that create a bigger impact:-

  • The two-year deadline for recording more accident lawsuits in the civil court.
  • The rule of providing half of the entire financial recovery when the insurer was less responsible for causing the accident.

Restrictive Nature:

The law states a certain time frame. If the case is not provided within that time range, the court has the power to dismiss the case. The law states that if anyone is injured or killed in the form of a driver or common people. The deadline to file the case is two years. Hence, it provides substantial time to solve it internally or take it to court. Then the attorney assists further. 


Philadelphia usually practices a mutual “modified comparative fault” where both the parties involved in an accident share the blame. This method reduces the blame to the person’s share of fault. It helps the attorney to closely evaluate the matter and guide accordingly. 

NoFault Car Insurance Rules:

Pennsylvania is one of the few states that follows the No-Fault Car Insurance Rule scheme. If this scheme is selected, the injured drivers and passengers must turn to insurance companies for compensation for medical and other related expenses. 

Required Information:

  • The details of the individual should be provided to the doctors following an accident.
  • The basic details of the owner, if the driver does not own the car, are in the form of the name, address, and contact number.
  • The accident report should be collected from the officer in charge.

Proper Communication with the Insurance Companies:

As soon as the individual communicates about the accident to the insurance companies, the companies must work according to it and provide proper guidance to the customer. If the insurance companies do not cooperate, it will make a case for the legal attorneys to take necessary action against it.


Two major courts should be known to the people of Philadelphia:

  • The Municipal Court Civil Division: Here, the fine does not exceed $12,000
  • Civil Section: Here, the fine does not exceed $10,000

Therefore, we may conclude that car accidents can happen to anyone at any place and at any time. We must remember these laws before going forward.

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