What are the best ways to find an orthopedic expert witness in California?

Winning a personal injury or a medical malpractice case highly depends on the witness testimony provided by expert witnesses.  Similarly, your litigation for orthopedic malpractice depends a lot on the testimony provided by an orthopedic expert witness. Not all orthopedic surgeons can become expert witnesses. They should be licensed, certified, and must be trained to become one. Choosing less-experienced surgeons for witnesses and testimony can have a huge impact on your case. Expert witnesses in Orthopedics malpractice should have broad experience and knowledge in pediatric orthopedics, orthopedic surgeries, and sports injuries and so on. Before choosing orthopedic witnesses, it’s important to take into account certain essential things.

What are the things you should be looking for when choosing an expert witness? Read below to know more.

  • CredentialsAttorneys are mostly impressed with reputed lawyers having a strong educational background. Besides education, clinical experience plays a major role in deciding. Experienced surgeons tend to have more experience in giving successful testimony during trials and arbitration. It becomes impossible to provide a clear picture of complicated injuries. So, it is important to choose experts having both clinical experiences as well as a strong educational background.
  • Hand-on practice with the subject matter- How can you understand whether a testimony could build your case stronger? Orthopedic surgeons having hands-on experience on a matter proves the credibility. For example, a surgeon who has treated the patient in person can provide better evidence and testimony than the one who has analyzed only the medical records.
  • Should have fluency- Medical experts having fluency can provide better testimony at trials and negotiation. They should be able to articulate and explain complex ideas with precision and clarity. There are high chances of losing a case if you choose a surgeon who is not competent enough to describe the medical issues in detail. Another factor to look for is the First and second language of the surgeon. Surgeons whose second language is English will have communication issues.
  • Should be calm and patient- Personal injury or Medical malpractice lawsuits are complicated and the defense attorneys will ask complicated questions to confuse the expert witness. So, the surgeon needs to be calm and patient to deal with such counter attacks from the defense attorney. A calm and composed orthopedic surgeon who is affable can prove to be beneficial for the case.
  • Previous experience It is important to check how successful the expert has been in providing testimony and case reviews in previous cases. If the orthopedic surgeon is an expert, he will successfully review medical negligence cases, offer neutral reviews, and should possess all the qualities mentioned above.

Choosing an experienced surgeon expert will make all the difference in a medical malpractice case. Their experience, communication skills, and review qualities will decide the fate of your case.

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