Use the best software designed for lawyers!

Have you ever thought of using a law firm software? Yes! Advoware is one of the top law firm programs that can help lawyers to organize their work and get things done. This gives them the flexibility to work outside the office while traveling or from their home. A notary public, attorney or debt collection firm can work digitally and securely in any workplace using this Kanzleisoftware für Juristen. This simply means that Advoware is the ideal law firm software for your home office. This software is suitable for any law firm where free access to documents and files is important in terms of time and space. Along with Advoware, you also get to use What are the benefits of using these two Kanzleisoftware? Let’s find out.

Combined Benefits of Advoware &

Advoware online & are a real combo. Without limitation of the amount of data. Things can be done with its help at high speed without any downtime and regardless of the hardware you are using on your PC. The team also takes care of installing software updates and making the software available reliably 24*7 all year round. And that at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Apart from these basic benefits, let’s take a look at the details of using Advoware & –

  • Work device-independent – advoware can be operated from any device – whether Windows PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. All you need is internet access, which means that it works perfectly even from the home office. You don’t need to invest any extra funds to obtain the best device on which you can use the software.
  • German support – does not charge any additional fees for support. The service team is there for you. That too completely free of charge. They also have a multilingual team who can assist you in any kind of problem.
  • Free updates – all Windows and software updates are free for you as an advoware maintenance customer. And it gets even better. The updates are installed automatically on your device and you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Easy changeover – Training courses and a long period of getting used to it? Not with the Nothing changes in your usual work processes and you can continue working as you were since the last session.
  • EU GDPR compliant – With advoware and, you and your colleagues always work in compliance with the GDPR. This allows you to work under a verified system always.

If you want to work anywhere in the world on any device, Maja.Cloud is exactly what you need for the coming days. If you are also a lawyer or notar, the interaction of with Advoware will make your life easier. The program works reliably 24 hours a day. Focus on your customers and your business when you need it.

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