Things to Know When Facing a First-Time DUI Charge

You’ll undoubtedly have a lot of questions following your first DUI arrest. You’re not alone, so don’t worry. First-time DUI offenders frequently inquire about their chances of beating or reducing their charges and the potential legal repercussions of a conviction. Below are some important things you should know if it’s your first time handling such a case.

  1. You may not be guaranteed a public defender

Contrary to what you may have seen in “Law & Order,” not everyone qualifies for a public defender. If you meet the criteria for a low-income defendant and are accused of a felony DUI, you’ll probably be given a public defender. However, as most first-time DUIs are classified as misdemeanors, your eligibility for a public defender will depend on your state’s regulations. 

  1. You could get probation instead of jail time

If no one was wounded due to your drunk driving, you might be entitled to have your sentences postponed in favor of probation. If you negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor, you might get probation instead of jail time for your DUI. However, you should generally get legal advice from a DUI lawyer before agreeing to the charges.

  1. You might pay to interlock equipment installed 

First-time DUI offenders must have an ignition interlock device in their cars in some states, including California and New York. Before the car starts, an ignition interlock device needs you to blow into a tube. The engine won’t start if alcohol is found. The lock-out duration will be longer the more times you fail the exam. 

  1. Expungement May Be an Option

A DUI conviction can be expunged so that it won’t appear on background checks done by potential employers, creditors, and academic institutions. The legal requirements of your state decide whether your DUI can be expunged. If so, you’ll need to submit an expungement petition after serving your sentence. 

Why engage an attorney in a DUI case?

Driving while intoxicated (DUI) is against the law and risky. If you’ve been charged with intoxicated driving, you can be in for an expensive and psychologically taxing process. The following are excellent arguments for hiring a lawyer in this situation. 

  • Attorneys know the DUI laws

DUI lawyers with experience understand how to get the best results in the complex world of courtrooms and litigation. They know the most recent DUI regulations and all the relevant guidelines and prerequisites for DUI cases. Because expertise and experience are so important in legal problems, a qualified lawyer can help you get off with as little punishment or time in jail as possible. 

  • Lower court costs

Court costs can quickly mount up in a drunk driving case. A reliable attorney can help you drastically cut court fees and immediately assess your case’s advantages and disadvantages. Even after considering the attorney’s costs, hiring a skilled DUI lawyer might result in significant savings. 

In summary

It may be challenging to handle a first-time DUI case  alone, but try figuring out where to begin and what to do. However, armed with the knowledge above, you can proceed with the procedure quickly and select a DUI attorney to represent you. 


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