Things To Know About ICBC Claim Available For Personal Injury Victims


Personal injury law covers the victims against accidental slips and falls, injury caused due to assaults or pedestrian accidents, property damages, etc. caused by vehicle. Such victims can go for ICBC claim to cover the expenses they incur in recovery or treatment. Let’s understand some crucial facts about ICBC claim.

What is ICBC claim?

ICBC stands for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. This bank is a multinational operation providing policies like personal injury insurance, etc. The situation of ICBC claim arises when you meet an accident or face property damage caused by a culprit. 

How to report an ICBC claim

To report an ICBC claim, you need to furnish following information:

  1. License plate numbers of vehicles involved in accident
  2. Driving license number of drivers involved
  3. Non-ICBC insured vehicle information
  4. Police file number, if required

Types of claims made under ICBC claim

ICBC claim can be reported online, too. The types of claims that can be reported this way are:

Vehicle damage: You can report a claim online if you are registered owner of vehicle or principal operator of the vehicle involved in accident

Glass damage: Expenses of glass damage can be claimed through ICBC claim if insured with ICBC

How long can one wait to report or file an ICBC claim?

An ICBC claim can be made within 90 days from the date of accident. A report must be filed the very same day of accident to ensure timely documentation of the incident.

Since the ICBC claim involves lot of paperwork, and you may not be in correct state of mind to complete the formalities, it is advisable to hire a personal injury lawyer who can make the process easier for you. Moreover, claim can anywhere be $40,000; so, hiring a professional help can lead to maximizing gains.

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