Things to Know About Domestic Violence Attorneys in Salt Lake City

We can all agree that domestic violence is one of the biggest global problems in most countries in the world. At the same time, it can affect every aspect of our society, which you need to remember.

It does not matter if you are accused of domestic violence or a victim of it because you need to understand the legal issues that may happen along the way. You can check out a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney in your local area to give you guidance and counsel on the legal proceedings.

FAQs on Domestic Violence

1.   What Is Domestic Violence?

It would be best to remember that domestic violence is a form of abusive behavior committed in marital or dating relationships. It can feature various types of violence, including emotional, physical, financial, and sexual.

Keep in mind that it is criminal activity in case of physical violence or severe threats. However, it can feature these aspects as well:

  • Forced sex
  • Threats
  • Pushing
  • Choking
  • Kicking
  • Biting
  • Hitting
  • Slapping

2.   What Are the Common Signs of Domestic Violence?

It is important to remember that domestic violence depends on numerous factors, which means that it is different based on a particular situation. However, it is vital to determine signs that someone has a violent attitude and perspective towards a partner, including:

  • Destructive behavior including causing harm and saying threats with an idea to hurt a partner’s family
  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Various attempts to control partner altogether
  • Severe jealousy
  • Uncontrollable and impulsive reactions and temper
  • Implementing economic control to a victim by making the partner without financial perspective
  • The constant criticism and blaming game

We have presented you with a few common signs of domestic violence. However, it would help if you remembered that this particular problem happens in almost all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Therefore, it is not only reserved for minorities or financially challenged people and individuals. It tends to happen in opposite-sex and same-sex relationships, which you need to remember.

The worst thing about this particular problem includes the statistics that surround it. Generally, romantic partners abuse women both mentally and physically every fifteen seconds, which is a highly problematic perspective.

Besides, more and more husbands or boyfriends are killing their women partners, which is rising.

Even though most victims are females, the same problem happens to male victims; however, it stays underreported due to the stigmatized perspective that comes with the situations. Women between the ages of 15 and 25 are at higher risk of experiencing domestic abuse.

Simultaneously, more than fifteen million children are also exposed to various types of violence every year, which is a devastating statistic.

Keep in mind that males that witnessed domestic abuse during their childhoods are more likely to do the same thing in their future.

Finally, you should know that this particular problem comes with hefty expenses that go up to six billion annually due to health care costs and attorneys.

3.   Is Domestic Violence a Felony or Misdemeanor?

It is essential to understand that we can consider this particular problem as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on numerous factors that are specifically relevant to the case.

Some states have strict regulations against homemade abuse, which means that a prosecutor will charge an abuser with a crime. In case the defendant is not a citizen of the USA, it will lead to immigration consequences.

If the prosecutor wants to convict an abuser, he/she has to prove that the defendant committed every aspect of the crime. You can check everything by reading and getting familiar with the domestic violence statute.

At the same time, the prosecutor has to prove that the defendant intentionally hurt the victim, which led to a particular injury.

When it comes to defense lawyers, you should know that they could help you prove that you did not have the intention to conduct everything you have been charged with.

The common problem in these cases is the form of the false accusation so that the other partner can win the family law case.

At the same time, a defense attorney can state that the alleged victim was the initiator of the domestic attack that ended in self-defense as a form of protection.

However, the case may prove and display that a particular injury happened as an accident, which is the easiest way to prove that a defendant is not guilty of abuse charges.

4.   What Are the Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions?

It is vital to understand that if a partner gets a conviction based on the case, he/she may face fines, probation, jail time as well as requirement to pass a training that will prevent the same problem from happening,

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Of course, the victim can quickly obtain a protective order, which will prevent further contact in the future.

5.   What Should You Know About Protective Orders?

It is vital to understand that a protective order will help you protect yourself against interaction with someone who abused you in the past. It is vital to remember that cases tend to vary from state laws, so it is vital to present a particular proof to get it.

On the other hand, standards are much lower, which means that it is vital to prove reasonable doubt, and you will be able to get this superior protection.

This particular order’s main idea and goal are to prevent and stop the domestic violence issues that happened beforehand. Simultaneously, it can help victims feel much safer because the court order will restrict the interaction between perpetrators and abusers.

Remember that a protective order may include the inability to make any contact with a victim, including phone calls, in-person meetings, and social media and email contacts, among others.

However, before you get this particular type of protection, you need to prove it in court. The most common reason includes domestic violence, such as physical harm from partner and abuser.

In case an act of violence happened, it is crucial to prevent it from happening in the future by creating a protective order that will allow the abused side to walk freely and without safety concerns.

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