The Liability Of A Store In Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents in stores are much more common than people think. It only takes one second of not being attentive to be injured. If this happens to you, there is a good possibility you will be able to file an injury claim. This is true for all stores, including the really large ones, like Target. Being injured on the premises of the store is often due to some sort of negligence of the store. This is why it is always a good idea to discuss the case with a Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyer, even if you think nothing serious happened. 

Duty To Make The Premises Safe For Customers

Every single business that welcomes customers on their premises have the legal duty of maintaining safe premises. If the slip and fall incident happens, the business can be liable for the injuries that appeared. For this to happen, the plaintiff needs to show that the accident took place due to unsafe property conditions. 

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why slip and falls can happen in stores. For instance, the entryway might be covered with ice or slow. Or the floor mat might be frayed. It is even possible for some items put on display to fall because they were not placed properly. Poor lighting causes poor visibility and you surely already know that even a small spilled latte can lead to slips. 

Making The Store Liable

The legal responsibility of the store to maintain safe conditions is a given but it is still up to the injured party to prove this happened. Store owners can be liable whenever creating unsafe conditions, like when using was that is too slippery as floors are cleaned. 

Business owners can also be liable when they are aware of the hazardous condition and did not take the necessary steps to remove the danger. As an example, when a customer spills their drink and we see another customer injured after slipping on that puddle, the business owner can be liable. However, to have this happen, the injured party has to prove the owner or the management staff knew that there was a spill and did not clean it. 

Getting The Help Of A Personal Injury Attorney

Slip and fall accidents are usually very simple to prove but they can become complicated really fast. The big problem is always proving that the store did not act in time and it was aware of the cause of the accident, like a spill. If the store staff did not see the spill as it happened and in the next minute a customer fell and got injured, the case does not really exist. 

The best thing you can do due to the potentially complicated legal hassle you will go through is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. They know exactly how to find the evidence you need to prove negligence and how to negotiate with all parties involved so you can receive financial compensation for the injuries you suffered in a store after a slip and fall accident. 

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