Steps to Take After Getting Into a Semi-Truck Accident 

A truck accident can be one of the most horrifying accidents ever to happen. Unfortunately, it is common in the country. Furthermore, the damages that result from a truck or a semi-truck accident can be extensive and leave the victim and their families with an extensive financial burden.

If you are a truck driver, it is vital to be prepared for the unfortunate happening. You should always be ready as to what you should do and should not do after getting into a semi-truck accident so that you can seek financial compensation. 

If you or someone you know gets involved in a semi-truck accident, speak to Bakersfield truck accident lawyers who can assist you in getting compensation. 

Step to take after getting into a semi-truck accident. 

  • Report the accident immediately. 

In Bakerfield, you are required to report the accident right away. Even if the accident is minor, you should inform law enforcement right away. If you are physically okay, you can call the police and remain at the accident scene until they arrive. Remember, just because you reported the accident does not give you a free pass to flee from the scene. 

  • Get medical assistance as soon as possible. 

If you are severely injured, someone will rush you to the nearest hospital. However, if you feel you have not incurred severe injuries, you should still seek medical assistance. Moreover, you should document all your injuries and treatment from the day of your accident. If you delay your medical treatment, the insurance company will use it against you to deny your compensation. 

  • Collect all the evidence against the at-fault party. 

After the accident, it is crucial to gather evidence against the at-fault party. If possible, collect the following evidence right away after your accident: 

  • Pictures of the accident scene. 
  • Pictures and videos of the property damage. 
  • Picture of your injuries. 
  • CCTV footage of the accident. 
  • Witness information who saw the accident. 
  • Other driver’s information, including their name, address, truck license, and further details. 
  • Any other evidence that can help support your claim. 

  • Contact a truck accident lawyer. 

After getting a diagnosis from your doctor and recovering, you will think about filing a claim. However, you get a limited time to file a truck accident claim in California. Therefore, you need to take action as soon as possible. So, while you recover, speak to a lawyer who can ease the burden off your shoulder and proceed in filing the claim. Lastly, the lawyer will also ensure you get maximum compensation for your claim. 

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