Some Processes in the Criminal Defense 

When someone gets involved in crime, it is important to know about criminal defense process. This is something necessary to understand because it takes some steps before someone is officially jailed. When you are accused for certain crime, this can become good reference so you know the situation well and you may have better chance to get released. Even if you may not be free from the accusation because you are proven of conducting the crime, at least you can reduce the jail duration or make the sentence less severe for you. 

Normally, people will get arrested by police when they are accused of conducting crime. Even, some people can come to the police station consciously because there is already arrest warrant released by the police and related authority. There can be many situations that can make you brought to the police station. One thing that is important is that the police will take action when they have enough proofs to support the accusation and claims of your crime. However, when you have been brought to the police station, you will not get your sentence directly. Thus, you need to understand the complete processes. The process starts from the step of criminal investigation and arrest. Before arresting you, as what is mentioned before, the police will investigate and find some valid proofs of your crime so the police or law enforcement can have legal access to arrest you. 

Once you are brought to the police station, you will become police custody. The first thing to do after you are arrested is to collect your information. You will be asked to answer some questions.  Your personal information and even your fingerprint and photo will be taken by the police as part of report and investigation. You may be arrested in the police station for 24 hours to 48 hours. During this process, you can find lawyer or attorney to support you and even help you to prove that you are innocent. After the period of custody and being arrested in the local police station, next step is arraignment hearing. 

In the arraignment hearing, you will face the judges that will charges you. There are some important points in this process. Firstly, judges will charge you and mention your criminal offense. You are not defenseless in front of the judge because you are able to deliver your plea of not guilty in case you believe that you do not commit the crime or the charges are mistaken. Third point is the conditions of bail. When your plea is proven to be correct and it has strong proof, you can have chances to be released. During the process, it is possible to have pre-trial phase. It can happen when prosecution takes longer time that expected. It is the time for you to have attorney to help you in filing motions. It can be continued with the plea bargain. In case the bargain is successful, you can be released and the case is dismissed. However, when the plea is rejected, you will face trial. You have rights to provide arguments supported with evidences and witnesses. Attorney can be very helpful in the process to support you in preparing your arguments and supporting proofs so you can be released or your sentences can be reduced.  

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