SEO For Law Firms Helps To Enhance Online Visibility 

SEO for lawyers involves techniques, strategies, and tactics that draw more clients towards the law firm’s website through attaining top-ranking on major search engines. In this digital era, the majority of people visit the internet to find legal services. Word of mouth and social connections also play a role yet online search dominates the research part. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a law firm specializing in personal injury, family, divorce, criminal, property, or any other practice, it is essential to make your legal firm visible online. FORWARD Lawyer Marketing is an experienced specialist in the legal marketing space. 

They have been offering exceptional services including web design, PPC, social media, reputation management, content writing, and SEO for lawyers, since 2013. Your law firm can benefit from their expertise and increase revenue through enhanced visibility, lead generation, and stay ahead of the competition. 

The legal niche is extremely competitive in terms of SEO. The statistics below show why you need a professionally optimized website. According to surveys –

  • 70% of law firms acquire new cases via their website.
  • Obtaining top-position on SERP means 31.7% click-through rate [CTR]. 
  • Only 0.78% of seekers click on the 2nd result page. 

SEO is a great lead generating strategy

The majority of law firms serve customers within their state, county, or city. Therefore, they need local SEO. It helps them gain an edge over the local competitive legal firms. Local SEO allows the law firm to target users within specific geographical locations thus the competition amount is reduced compared to aiming at a national level. 

For example, terms like ‘top divorce attorney in New York’ have a great chance to rank instead of keywords like ‘top divorce attorney’. Targeting localized keywords allows the law firm website to grab the attention of prospective clients in the area seeking their services. For client acquirement, SEO is the best strategy that helps to generate leads.

How SEO works?

Generally, people coming in search of a law firm on search engines use location-specific queries, law firm specialization, etc. Law firm website optimization for such keywords helps to reach users, thus influencing Google bots to top rank it in search results. The higher the ranking on search engines, the more the chances to attain a click from users. They land on your website to gain more information, where you can engage them.

Benefits of SEO for legal firms

Besides, increasing legal firm’s ranking in search results, optimization allows them to attract more traffic, which will possibly convert into organic leads. 

  • Outrank local competition by enhancing click-through rates of your website

CTR decreases if you are not on the top three in search results. SEO helps to optimize your legal site for target keywords that can outrank your competition. Attaining the number #1 spot is not essential to attain traffic and leads but being on Page #1 of the result page helps to enhance visibility in the local searches. 

  • Generate new traffic via unique localized content

Legal content must not be boring even if the laws are complicated. Create a blog to share valuable information and generate traffic via targeted keywords and convert interested readers into leads. SEO helps to identify low competition but highly valuable keywords that can be used to write engaging blogs. 

The topics need to resolve the queries people are looking for and ultimately you can direct them through a lead generation funnel. SEO content for law firms can include how-to legal guides, FAQ pages, and interviews with niche professionals, eBooks, local event guides, etc. 

  • Attain more calls via local listings and Google My Business

Even if your website attains top ranking on search results, it is smart to have an optimized GMB profile to drive more clicks. Your legal firm’s GMB profile will rank for terms like “New York family lawyer” or “personal injury lawyer near me”. Seekers can click on the link included in the GMB profile and reach you via phone or email.

  • Attract heavy traffic and leads for the long term with less effort

SEO is an ongoing process but once you implement it traffic generation is attained through little effort. Professional SEO firms ensure that constant traffic and leads towards your website are generated for the long term. SEO is a more sensible long-term investment than social media posting or paid ads. It is a kind of compounded investment!

  • Collect positive customer testimonials and enhance online reputation

Generating positive reviews is associated with the success of a law firm. You may lack this but SEO can help you collect more reviews and enhance your online reputation. When people research, they rely on past clients’ testimonials and positive reviews can show seekers the reliability and credibility of your legal services. Users choose firms with more positive reviews than the local competitors.

  • Reinforce as a reputable and authoritative law firm

With extensive exposure and online presence, you reveal to other niche authorities that you are serious. With interesting blog writing and guest blogging, you can extend your online visibility. It will open new doors for opportunities and partnerships. 

Besides driving traffic, SEO can change the way people look at you. Your name gets mentioned in legal publications or you are requested to speak at niche events or acquire high-paying clients.

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO measures how search-friendly your website is. 

  • Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines 
  • Ensure website loads fast 
  • Law firm website has to be responsive so that it works on every kind of device even mobile phones
  • The website has to be user-friendly, so have navigable menus created and linked to crucial website pages.
  • Security and sitemap optimization are also crucial for technical SEO.

Hiring an SEO agency specializing in law firm optimization is helpful to handle technical SEO because it will lessen the risk of DIY mistakes. 

SEO for a law firm is a marathon, so never expect to gain top ranking overnight. Be patient and concentrate on writing great and relevant content, build backlinks, generate positive reviews, and follow search engine guidelines. 

You also need to measure your SEO efforts with Google Analytics. It helps to identify the SEO action that successfully attracted potential clients. If you are a busy lawyer then it is wise to look for professional SEO experts specializing in law firm optimization.  

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