Retaining An Immigration Lawyer: How It Helps?


Dealing with Canadian authorities becomes a lot easier when you have an experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer. It doesn’t matter then, whether the client resides in or outside Canada. As immigration law is at its peak today, it is essential for an immigration lawyer to keep up with the latest developments in Canadian immigration laws, policies, and procedures for processing various immigrant applications, work, and study permits. The prowess of an immigration lawyer is thus put to test when a client faces an admissibility hearing or an appeal at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or other such enforcement hearings. 

Here, this article discusses the significance of retaining an immigration lawyer.

  • Prepping the client

An experienced immigration lawyer keeps up with the latest advancements in the immigration rules and assists his clients accordingly. He prepares the client for the interviews and also offers an impressive package, highlighting the positive qualities of the client to the Canadian officials.

  • Formulating applications

When a client is eligible to apply for immigration to Canada, under Canadian programs such as Skilled Worker Class, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Business Class, an immigration lawyer will skillfully draw up an application package highlighting the qualities and qualifications of the client for Canadian officials to consider.

  • Determining suitable programs for temporary residence

If a client applies to visit, study, or work in Canada as a temporary resident, the immigration lawyer after assessing the client’s situation will prepare a suitable program for him and an application package that will be considered by the Canadian officials.

  • Getting the client permanent residence

If the client happens to reside in Canada itself, the lawyer will determine whether the client is eligible for becoming a Canadian resident or not. For the Canadian officials to consider the application, an experienced CdnVISA lawyer will adeptly address the personal situation of the client, which will help him throughout the process.

  • Efficient representation

Lastly, the most significant aspect of retaining an immigration lawyer is the client’s effective representation in court. An immigration lawyer thorough with his client’s situation and facts and with the experience and knowledge to put forth appropriate legislative decisions and judicial provisions, can support and efficiently represent the client at a review, appeal, or hearing.


The process of immigration can be much more intimidating than it seems. In such cases, hiring a deft and proficient immigration lawyer always saves the day.

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