Pedestrian Safety Tips You Must Be Aware Of

Walking is a low-impact activity that several people of any age can do to stay in shape. However, walking can be dangerous in some cases. The number of pedestrian accidents has been rising significantly. To keep yourself safe as a pedestrian, you must know some tips to avoid an accident and the resulting injuries. Traversing on the road while crossing it or going towards a sidewalk can lead to injuries if not careful. 

While one might ensure safety when walking, calling for medical help immediately after an accident will be necessary. Neglecting to call medical service might increase the severity of the injury and its recovery period. Similarly, one must not hesitate to hire a Glen Falls pedestrian accident lawyer when pursuing legal action against the responsible party for the accident. 

Safety tips for preventing a pedestrian accident: 

  • Pedestrian crossing lanes 

The most apparent safety tip to avoid a pedestrian accident is to look both ways before crossing and only use pedestrian crossing lanes to cross the road. It will be ideal to wait until the pedestrian crossing lanes turn on when you are at an intersection with stoplights. 

It will also help if you wait until the traffic signals turn red and pay attention to any emergency vehicle coming your way. Just like drivers, pedestrians need to follow traffic signals. If pedestrians are unsure about crossing the road, they wave or make eye contact with drivers about to turn or move. 

  • Distractions

Distractions are one of the most common causes of not only pedestrian accidents but car accidents too. Pedestrian must keep their phone away while walking or crossing the road. Texting, playing games, or using your phone while walking can be dangerous. Being distracted by the phone will lead one to fail to notice the traffic. 

Criminals, like pickpockets, can see a distracted pedestrian as an easy target. It would be helpful if you kept your phone inside your pocket or stopped somewhere to use the phone before moving ahead. 

  • Pets 

Keeping your pets on a short leash is an ideal way to prevent pedestrian accidents. Pets can run away in traffic when they are not on leashes. By ensuring to walk your pets, such as your dog, on a short leash, you can be assured about avoiding scenarios relating to an accident. 

For example, a dog on a long leash might cause cyclists or walkers to trip and fall. Although, one should hire a pedestrian accident lawyer if they get hurt due to someone else while walking. 

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