Parking Lot Accidents- What You Need To Know

Parking lots are a lot safer than roads; however, they might not be as safe as you would think. The National Safety Council says, one in five car accidents takes place in the parking lot. While parking accidents are obviously not fatal and rarely cause any injuries, they are known to cause significant vehicle damage. 

Often people know what to do when a car accident takes place on the road. But, no one knows what the appropriate action would be in a car parking accident. This is why you will most likely need a Beaverton, OR car accident attorney to guide you and help you get the compensation for your damages. 

How do car parking accidents occur?

The reason why parking accidents occur is that people lack responsibility while they are in a parking lot. They ignore their surroundings as they assume they are in a safe place. Drivers not paying attention to what’s behind their vehicle are the number one cause of parking accidents. 

Who is at fault in a parking lot accident?

Rules for determining liability in a parking lot accident are the same as any other car accident. The general rule of negligence applies here as well. The party who was most likely in the position to prevent the collision is the liable one in the scenario. However, in some cases, determining fault can be difficult, and you may end up sharing liability with the other party. 

For example, if you hit a vehicle while backing out, you are clearly the liable one in the act. However, when two cars back out at the same time and hit each other, they are both responsible for not checking behind their vehicle correctly. 

Why is it essential to determine fault in an accident?

It is essential to determine whose fault caused the accident because the liable party’s insurance company will be responsible for paying compensation to the victim. The victim can charge compensation for vehicle repairs, health injuries, and other damages. 

If someone else has hit your parked car, you must stop and take their contact information and gather every possible evidence from the accident site. If the other party has hit your vehicle and fled the area, you can request CCTV footage of the parking lot from the owner to determine the culprit’s identity. 

Consult an attorney 

If you think parking lot accidents are not as severe as road accidents and therefore you do not wish to consult an attorney regarding your accident, you may be making the wrong choice. Injuries from an accident sometimes take time to become visible. Additionally, you may think your car is fine, and it’s only a little dent, but you may discover more complications later. It is essential to seek an attorney and file an insurance claim to get the compensation. 

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