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Motorcycle accident cases take a while to resolve, is it true?

Do you require an attorney for motorcycle accident in Tampa? But it is not sure how long the case would go.

The factors which can cause a delay in your motorcycle accident case are as follows:

  1. If the insurance company is showing disinterest in your case.
  2. The case can take time if the attorney is unable to identify the culprit.
  3. The complexity of your case.

Usually, the cases take around a few weeks to clear up, but they are likely to take additional time due to the factors mentioned above.

For getting your first settlement from the insurance agents, it can take a month. If the compensation amount is low, then the attorney will negotiate with the insurance agents. Once a fair settlement is attained, you will be asked to sign a release for settling the claim. This type of documentation means that you are agreeing on taking the settlement price and you no longer have the right to file a case against the responsible person.

If you did notreceive a fair compensation amount with the company, then you with the assistance of your attorney should visit the court for the trial. Stumblefor the most trusted attorney for motorcycle accident in Tampa.

These are certain phases:

  1. Discovery phase

Once the court case is filed, then the initial phase, which is the discovery phase begins. In this phase, both the parties share their information such as valid documentation, statements of eyewitnesses and shreds of evidence. This phase will be taking around 6 to 12 months after filing lawsuit.

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution

When the discovery is completed, most cases engage with alternative dispute resolution. This phase refers to negotiation, and it includes an unbiased third person. The unbiased person will give an idea of how the jury would be viewing the claim.

  1. Trial

Not many of the time, it happens that a motorcycle accident case goes through a trial. As it is mentioned earlier that it is not sure how long does it take to settle an accident claim, and if the case does not go in your favour, you might lose your precious time along with the settlement amount.

Summing up

Those were some facts that talks about how long does it take to settle an accident claim. Discuss your experience if you are involved in a motorcycle accident trial.

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