Little Known Things About Deposition Summary

Part of every legal professional’s job in a law firm involves preparing a deposition summary to save senior lawyers’ time during the trial preparation. Since deposition transcripts usually have hundreds of pages, the easiest way to go through them quickly is by condensing the information into one, easy-to-read format.

Whether the case is about medical negligence or trespassing, a deposition summary can make an attorney’s job easier. Below are the key advantages of using deposition summaries:

A deposition summary saves lawyers time

With a deposition summary, lawyers don’t have to filter through thousands of words’ worth of information. A deposition summary is essential a recap of key points in a deposition transcript, providing a quick reference for trial preparation and inside the courtroom. Lawyers can save valuable time, allowing them to focus on other legal work to win the case.

A deposition summary highlights relevant facts

A thirty-minute recording of witness testimony can already generate large volumes of paperwork. While most of the statements hold some relevance, not everything is crucial to the case. For example, statements like, “Can you say that again?” don’t contain significant facts that may reinforce the lawyer’s claim. A deposition summary isolates the key facts, reducing 100 pages into less than 20.  It’s more convenient than using highlighters, as it eliminates the need to flip through page after page, just to get to the one containing the important facts.

A deposition summary refreshes the witness’s mind

It’s not uncommon for a witness to change their statement inside the courtroom. A deposition summary can act as a frame of reference for the opposing party’s witness testimony. It can help your legal team quickly fact-check to discredit new statements given in court. Also, a deposition summary can aid your witness in recalling the testimonies they gave during their interview or examination.

A deposition summary is favored by clients

Clients have to pay law firms on an hourly basis, among other fees. They won’t appreciate being billed for the countless hours (and often days) it will take to summarize a deposition. This is why legal firms prefer to outsource deposition summary services, as it saves the firm and the client, thousands of dollars. Even if the client has the money to pay for an in-house deposition summary, outsourcing these services makes your law firm appear more professional, as it shows you aren’t treating their case as a cash-grab.


Deposition summaries are useful tools that can shorten your legal team’s trial preparation time. With everything summarized into one, concise document, you can easily refer to facts and win the case.

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