Insurance Company Behaviors That Force You To Hire Personal Injury Attorneys

When you file your motorcycle injury claim, there is a huge possibility you will end up talking to insurance adjusters. This is necessary to negotiate how much money you will receive based on the injuries you suffered and the property damages that appeared. Unfortunately, these are conversations that rarely go smoothly. 

Most insurance companies have only one goal, which is to pay as little as possible. As a result, whenever you see the following behaviors, get in touch with a specialist, like a top rated motorcycle accident lawyer in Massachusetts to help you. 

Payment Delays Or Not Responding To Claims

If you do not receive a response from an insurance company or contact simply tapered off, it is time to get in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney. Sometimes, insurance adjusters simply do not want to talk because they try to put pressure on you. If this is the case, you do need help. 

Even if funds are available to make payments, insurance companies might want to pay less and will do all they can to make you settle for something else. Personal injury lawyers will help you to get a much faster response. In fact, simply having one get in touch with the insurance companies is often enough to drastically speed up response times. 

Insurance Companies Propose Low Settlement Deals

Most insurance companies do all they can to minimize the paid compensation. Such behavior tends to start shortly after the incident. After just some days passed, an insurance adjuster will most likely get in touch and offer a deal. This deal is usually just the minimum amount possible. 

When you accept the low settlement deal, you will get way too little money and you will not be able to take care of your injuries. Also, accepting the deal means you will not be able to pursue any extra compensation later down the line. 

Insurance Companies Do Not Negotiate

Unfortunately, so many decide to not get in touch with personal injury attorneys after the first settlement deal because they believe it is not at all difficult to deal with insurance companies. This is usually due to the belief that it would be easy to deal with insurance adjustors since they are forced by law to make payments. In reality, insurance companies use all the tricks in the book to pay less than they should. This includes not negotiating. 

Personal injury attorneys will work very hard to obtain the deserved compensation. When the insurance companies refuse to negotiate, it is because they think you will eventually agree to the deal. If this is the case, you need to have an attorney in your corner. Their simple presence practically guarantees insurance companies understand you are very serious. 

Remember that when you have lawyers speak for you, insurance companies understand they cannot take advantage of your lack of knowledge about the law. As a result, they will be much more likely to present fair deals that actually reflect the injuries you suffered, which is what you want to receive at the end of the day. 

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