How To Handle A Personal Injury Through Truck Accident In California?

Very few forces can match the devastating impact of an accident with a truck. Victims lucky enough to survive often suffer from life-changing injuries. People usually ask when to get a lawyer for a car accident. If you have sustained injuries from a big rig crash for which you are not responsible, you should consult an accident lawyer. Moreover, personal injury claims related to truck accidents are entirely different than auto accident cases.

Always remember that truck drivers and companies operate under strict federal regulations. The drivers must undergo specialized training to receive a commercial driving license. How does 18 wheeler use technology to reduce accidents? It is a question that is asked by many lawyers after an accident. If the truck was found flouting rules and improper installation of technical devices, you are entitled to receive compensation.  

Litigating a Truck Accident Case Properly

Attention lawyers: Contact Brad Nakase if you need to know how to improve SEO for lawyers. With SEO services, your prospective clients can quickly discover you on the internet. To be precise, there are several ways to negotiate with a truck accident case in California. 

Litigating a truck accident claim differs from other kinds of accidents. The logistics companies, truck manufacturers, and other parties involved have an expert team of defense lawyers. So if you want to win the lawsuit, you need to contact an experienced attorney. 

Hiring a Qualified Attorney

In the immediate aftermath of a truck accident, you need to hire a lawyer. To maximize your chances of success, ensure that you hire the lawyer as soon as possible. It is usual for you to hire an attorney who has the exposure to handle truck accident lawsuits. Note that various aspects of truck accident lawsuits are unique in California. Hence, it would be great if you appoint an attorney who is well-conversant with Californian laws. 

An Investigation into the Accident

After hiring a lawyer, he/she would conduct an investigation. This investigation is usually carried out to gather shreds of evidence to make your injury lawsuit claims stronger. The research may also include a forensic examination of the truck and your vehicle. Here is the list of steps that are likely to be executed by your attorney.

  • Your attorney will ask for subpoenaing records from the trucking company like maintenance and driver logs
  • Your attorney can hire engineering experts to reconstruct the crash scene so that the exact cause can be ascertained
  • Interviewing witnesses who saw things unfold

Identifying Liability

Identification of liability is also a crucial task commonly carried out by the attorney. Your lawyer needs to assess which parties are responsible for your accident. Here is the list of possibilities involved in a truck accident. 

  • The trucking company
  • The truck manufacturing company’s fault in building defective spares
  • Government contractor responsible for road construction where the accident happened
  • A workshop or dealership that carried out faulty repair works on the truck

Also, note that each of these parties usually has their own insurance companies. If you appoint an attorney, they can do the same.

As truck accidents involve a large number of parties, the setting of the claim remains a complex issue. Hence, everything comes down to the skills of the attorney appointed by you. 

Truck accidents can wreak havoc in your personal life. Hence, it is always a viable decision to opt for the services of competent attorneys. Since long, Nakase Law Firm has recovered a substantial amount of money for truck accident victims and their families. Contact them at the earliest if you have experienced a truck accident. 


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