If a person has sustained an injury or suffers from a condition that causes them to miss work and are thereby unable to make money, they are eligible for social disability benefits. The social security benefit is a government-run tax program that provides monthly benefits for people who are unable to be gainfully employed ad provide for themselves due to verified medical reasons. A person who is eligible for social security benefits is expected to apply after which the government will investigate their entitlement claims. It is however worthy of note that even if the claims of health issues are true, most of the applications are denied and this could be for varying reasons. Most commonly, the application was improperly filed or was missing some vital information. This is why it is highly advised to process social security benefits claims through a good disability lawyer. This begs the question of how and where to find one.

Ask Your Lawyer.

The first and most likely way of finding a good disability lawyer is by asking one’s current lawyer. For instance, if you know of a reliable personal injury law firm, get in touch for a referral. Even your divorce attorney can suggest some options. The strongest weapon in an attorney’s arsenal is their strong network with other lawyers. They are aware of each other’s specialty and skillset and know the best lawyers to call in any situation. The client is more likely to get a competent win guaranteed attorney if he is referred by his existing attorney.

Seek Referrals from Other Beneficiaries.

An even more sure route is to seek referrals from people who have successfully been through the social security benefit process with their lawyers. If the attorney was able to win their claims, chances are they could replicate it again and again. Such people can be found in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, local churches, and the community. Asides from recommending a good disability lawyer, they can also provide a lot of useful information from their experiences that will help the claimant prepare for the journey ahead.

The Local Bar Association.

A bar association is a local body of legal professionals and every state has one. It is usually accessible to the general public who can search their database for attorneys of varying specializations and capacities. The bar association serves both the lawyers and the people who need lawyers. One can simply visit their site or go in person to seek advice or consultation on how to find a disability lawyer to handle their social security benefits claim.

Ask From Family and Friends

This is usually an unlikely but very probable way of finding a lawyer. Family members or friends might know someone who knows an attorney. They might even have one themselves as friends, coworkers, or business contacts. It is always a good idea to simply ask as they could be found through unlikely connections.


Disability lawyers are many but very good ones can be scarce and very busy. While it may seem like a hassle finding one, it is so much better to start the social security claim process with one and be guaranteed of winningthan going it alone, losing the case, and having to appeal.

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