How Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Personal Injury Claims

What many people don’t realize is that insurance is a profitable business. It stays that way by taking in more money than what is paid out. Each year, the auto insurance industry brings in tens of billions of dollars in profits every year. Regardless of the type of coverage they sell, most insurance companies have seen profits rise even more thanks to the 2020 pandemic.

For accident victims, this can mean trouble if it comes to receiving compensation for an accident. One way to maximize compensation is by hiring a quality personal injury attorney, like the ones at It is also helpful to know how insurance companies reduce the claims made. This is the best way to build an effective defence strategy.

Delaying an Injury Claim

One tactic that insurance companies use to reduce payment is to delay the injury claim. Delaying the claim results in evidence deteriorating, which can make the situation frustrating for the claimant.

It is important to note that receiving compensation is typically not a straightforward process. Sometimes, insurance companies will request complex details and forms that aren’t actually needed to process the claim. Insurance companies know that most people will not have this information readily available.

This results in an accident victim wasting their energy and time trying to track everything needed down. Once the information is submitted, they may make another request or say the documents are incomplete. An insurance company may also try to keep insurance companies on the phone for long periods of time. Some insurance companies may also pass a person around from one department to another to get a simple question answered.

Allowing Evidence Deterioration

In some situations, insurance companies will delay claims hoping that the evidence will deteriorate or become murky. This does not mean that the evidence will become degraded or broken. Instead, it means the evidence will become much more difficult to find.

Denying the Insurance Claim

It is not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to deny or dispute liability for a car accident, even if it is clear their driver is at fault. Or they may claim partial liability when there is no reason to do this. This is a tactic that is most used by substandard insurance providers.

Minimizing Injuries

An insurance adjuster is always searching for methods to downplay injuries, making them sound much less severe. They may try to make it seem like the injury is completely non-existent.

Downplaying an injury is common and usually involves asking tricky questions that make it seem like a person is not as injured as they claim to be.

Finding the Right Attorney for the Job

Finding the right attorney is essential for getting a fair amount of compensation for a car accident or any other accident that may occur. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right steps are taken and that the tactics used by an insurance company to minimize damages and compensation are not successful. Keep the information here in mind to know what to expect.

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