How Can Drug Charges Affect Your Future?

Drug convictions have been increasing at a rapid rate in the country. Whether they are prescription drugs or illegal, you may end up receiving penalties, probation, or jail. However, criminal charges can create a life-long impact and take a toll on your future. 

Irrespective of how long you are free from your charges, a criminal record stays with you forever. However, there can be various ways to erase your record. This can be done by hiring an experienced criminal defence lawyer in New Westminster

Below are few ways how drug charges can take a toll on your future in various aspects: 

  • Reduces your loan eligibility: 

Whether you are applying for a student loan or any other type of financial loan, having a criminal record will lead to an immediate decline of your application. The prime reason behind this is that people with criminal records are at higher risk of not repaying the loan on time. 

  • Reduces your employment opportunities:

Many employers run a quick background check to see if you are eligible for the job. Having drug charges against you in the past can eliminate significant job opportunities, including legal, medicine, commercial driving, or any other job that involves children around you. 

  • Certain landlords may restrict you from renting a home: 

No landlords want to indulge with a person having drug charges or any other criminal record. In addition, they will enquire about your records to ensure you do not have to carry out any illegal activity in their house. In addition, the landlord may also doubt your ability to pay rent and be apprehensive. 

  • Losing child custody: 

If you are a parent fighting for your child’s custody, the other parent may use your previous drug charges (even if you are not using it) to gain complete custody of the child in court. Moreover, the judge may question your parenting skills and character, leaving a highly negative impact. 

  • Social consequences: 

When you face drug possession charges, your social image is also on-the-line. Your co-workers, friends, family, and other people you know may see you differently than before. This can negatively affect your relationships and social life. Many people may try to keep their distance from you because of your past criminal record.  

Drug charges can be severe. It can affect everything around you in the long run, including your social life, career, relationships, and more. Lastly, many countries also reject visa applications if you have previous criminal records. Therefore, if you have been found guilty, get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer immediately. 

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