How Can A Property Damage Insurance Attorney Assist Me With My Insurance Claim?

Has your property in South Florida suffered the effects of weather events, man-made vandalism, or unexpected internal damages? As a property owner, these are issues that may raise eyebrows, but due to our day-to-day, fast-paced society, we may often overlook the seriousness of these events.

However, when it does happen, we are the first ones to know how frustrating that situation can be. Even worse, there are times when the insurance company will deny your damage claim. However, just because your claim gets denied doesn’t mean that you cannot repeal it.

With the help of a competent property damage insurance attorney, you will receive the proper reparation you deserve. Join us as we talk about the causes of claim denial and how a property damage lawyer can assist you in this process.

What Should I Do If My Property Insurance Claim in South Florida is Denied? 

Various reasons are attributed to a denied claim by a policy holder’s insurance company. However, lack of knowledge on your insurance coverage, and internal exaggerations from the insurance adjusters, takes the cake for denied property claims. Let’s review these in more detail.

  • Carefully go over your property insurance policies to identify who is directly liable for the alleged losses
  • Make sure to write down details of the damages your property suffered. Whether it was from:
    • A weather event,
  • Vandalism,
  • An unexpected electrical, water, or fire accident,
  • Other types of property damage.
  • Respectfully ask your insurance provider for detailed information on why the claim was denied.
  • Carefully review the claim denial letter and make copies of it. If you do not receive solutions from them, then it’ll be time to contact a home property damage lawyer.

How Can Lawyers For Home Insurance Claims Help Me?

A home property damage attorney is an expert in successfully dealing with homeowner insurance disputes. With their legal expertise, you will gain a voice of representation when going against the insurance company.

Furthermore, a personal property damage lawyer will not allow the insurance adjusters to re-create false narratives on the damage reports. You will also be treated more fairly when you file an appeal with the insurance company. However, let’s review some other specific advantages of legal representation.

  • Assistance in filing a claim or denial appeal.
  • A clear representation of your property damage story.
  • A home insurance attorney will inform you of your legal rights.
  • Carefully investigate and analyze the facts.
  • Successfully represent your rights and deliver you the compensation you deserve under Floridian law.

Representation Leads to Compensation!

So, the ball is in your court. We hope that you now understand that you do have another option after receiving a denied claim. Don’t allow your insurance carrier to leave you in the dust! Go ahead and hire a property damage insurance attorney right away!

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