How a Criminal Defense Attorney Helps After a Conviction

A conviction doesn’t mean it’s the end of dealing with the legal system or working with a lawyer. Even if the accused is convicted of a crime, there is still a lot a lawyer can do to help them, starting right after they are convicted. It is a good idea to speak with the lawyer after the conviction to discuss the next steps that can be taken. Some of the ways an attorney can help will include the following.

Seek Reduced Penalties

If the accused has been convicted but not sentenced, the attorney will work on asking for reduced penalties. If there are extenuating circumstances or if the accused is willing to take classes and do other tasks to avoid being arrested in the future, the judge may be more lenient when giving them the sentence. For instance, if someone is arrested for drug possession, they may be able to take addiction classes and avoid a lengthy jail term.

Handle Any Appeals

Sometimes, a case can be appealed on the basis that there was an issue with how the case was handled. The accused’s lawyer will be able to discuss the potential for an appeal, how likely it is to have an impact, and what it will mean if they are able to successfully appeal the conviction. Whether or not this is worth it will be up to the accused and their lawyer, so it is worth discussing the potential for an appeal and determining if that’s the next step to take.

Deal with Probation Violations

Many of those who are convicted will end up on probation instead of completing their sentence in jail. Once they are out on probation, they must comply with all of the terms. If they do not or they are accused of violating the terms, they will end up with a warrant for their arrest. It is possible to request a hearing to fight the probation violation and there are various outcomes that could happen depending on the terms of the original agreement. Since there are so many variables, it is a good idea for the accused to work with their lawyer to handle the violation.

Work on Clearing the Record

After the person has finished their sentence, it may be possible to have the record cleared. There are a few different ways to have the record cleared. In some cases, it may be possible to have it expunged, which means all records of the case are destroyed. No one will be able to view an expunged record or use it against the accused in the future. In other cases, the accused can seek an Order of Non-Disclosure, which means that the record is hidden from public view. Unlike an expungement, however, certain government agencies can still view the criminal record.

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, it’s important to continue working with your criminal defense attorney until the entire legal process is complete. Depending on the charges, the sentence received, and more, it may be possible to appeal the conviction or have your record cleared. Talk to your attorney today to learn more about how they can help you.


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