Here’s Why Truck Accident Attorneys Are Needed

It is quite difficult to recoup full damages in truck accident cases. This is because there are several things involved in the claim. And to make matters even worse, the parties at fault are going to fully take advantage of the fact that you do not know the law. They will try to convince you that you deserve less than what you are asking for. In some extreme cases, you might even have your claims completely dismissed. Truck accident attorneys are always needed with such claims. Here is why. 

Very Complex Liability Problems

The truck driver is often the one who caused the accident. However, truck accident claims will often involve receiving financial compensation from several parties that might have been involved. Some examples of potentially liable parties are:

  • Truck drivers – A simple error committed by the trucker can easily lead to accidents. Fatigue, alcohol consumption, excessive speed, and distracted driving are just examples of potential causes of a truck accident. 
  • Trucking company – All trucking companies can be liable for what employees do. Things like inadequate screening would be deemed as being liable. 
  • Shipping company – If cargo is on board, there is another company involved responsible for the loading process. If there are errors during loading, the shipping company might be liable. 
  • Truck manufacturer – A truck is very complex. It is made out of several parts. If there is a problem with one, liability might be present. 
  • Maintenance company – The business or the individual responsible for rig upkeep is liable when there is a mechanical failure that appeared due to negligent repair or maintenance. 

Several Insurance Companies

Every single party you identify as liable in your case will have an insurance company. Besides this, you also have to discuss the case with your insurance firm. With so many insurance companies involved, it is very easy to negotiate good deals and get the maximum you deserve. 

Being seriously injured in the accident means you want to heal. Your medical condition is your priority. The last thing you want to do is deal with insurance adjustors. The truck accident attorney makes this process easy for you.

Trucking Laws Are Complex

The FMCSA has some very strict regulations that have to be respected by trucking companies and truck drivers. And the law is very complex. Federal regulations deal with hours of service, truck driver qualifications, repairs, maintenance, insurance requirements, hazardous materials, preservation of records, and much more. 

Experienced truck accident attorneys know regulations and understand federal regulations. They will do wonders when it comes to analyzing local and state laws. 

Serious Injuries

Just think about the difference between a regular passenger vehicle and a truck. Combine this with speed and you can only imagine how serious truck accident injuries can be. When your injuries are serious, litigation becomes more complicated. Catastrophic injuries are so much more common than you might believe so always expect complex cases. 

Get in touch with truck accident lawyers whenever faced with injuries like:

  • Blindness
  • Vision loss
  • Brain injury
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Burn injuries
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Fractures

You always want to receive maximum compensation to cover your injuries.

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