Have a personal injury lawsuit in Florida? Consult a lawyer now!

Were you injured in a car crash in Florida? Did you lose a loved one because of a surgery error? Is your parent a victim of nursing home abuse? These are common types of personal injury lawsuits in Florida. If you decide to act against the party at fault, you must do so within the deadline. For that, it is wise to engage an attorney immediately. While you can initiate the legal process on your own, hiring an attorney can help you get a higher settlement. You can click here to get a free consultation for your case. Below are some key things to understand about the need to lawyer up.

The statute of limitations

Florida’s statute of limitations differs from many other states because the deadlines for filing injury and wrongful death lawsuits are different for different cases. For most injury lawsuits, the deadline is usually four years, while for medical malpractice, the upper limit is two years. Similar deadlines apply to nursing home abuse-related lawsuits. Because this can be confusing, you have to rely on an attorney for unbiased advice.

There’s no upfront fee

Many victims don’t want to engage an injury lawyer because they are worried about the fee. Unlike criminal lawyers and family attorneys who get a flat fee or an hourly rate, personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee. The lawyer will get a share of the settlement when you win, and this fee is dependent on factors like the general nature of the case, the work involved, and the work profile of the lawyer. Most injury lawyers don’t charge over 40%, but you don’t have to pay them immediately for taking the case.

You don’t have to deal with the insurance company

Insurance companies see each claim as a loss. The claims adjuster may try to prove that the accident was your fault, or there is no reason why your claim is worth so much. You need an injury lawyer to avoid these insurance tactics. Also, once the claims adjuster knows that you have an attorney on your side, they are unlikely to deceive you. Your injury lawyer can spot gaps in the investigation of the insurance company and can present evidence and facts in an aggressive manner to get a higher settlement.

Don’t forget to check the profile of an injury lawyer before you hire, and ensure that they are based in your city in Florida.

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