Do I need a lawyer for a divorce?


Marriage is the basic necessity and essential part of life. In the twenty-first century, family education has become common among all parts of the world that have inaugurated awareness among the young beings about their basic right of separation so, if a marriage does not go well, both members use their right to get divorce.

A gradual rise has been noticed in the rate of divorce since 2010. But the question arises of what should be the procedure of getting a divorce. Would it either be good to involve the court and or is it better to manage all affairs quietly in words. This article will specify the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer for divorce and delineate the benefits and as well as harsh consequences that could be resulted if you don’t go for a lawyer.

When should you not hire a lawyer?

According to paloaltodivorcelawyers.com “If there is a good understanding between you and your spouse, and it is convenient for both of you to handle the whole scenario of separation peacefully without any mental burden, then it is beneficial to not hire a lawyer as:” 

  1. It will keep you away from the hectic hirings of court.
  2. The process will not take much time. 
  3. The peaceful resolution brings peaceful relation between the ex-couple; they could be good friends in the future.
  4. Their peaceful relationship will leave a good impact on their children and the chances of parents’ separation becoming a trauma for children reduces. 
  5. This process is good for pocket as well, as you don’t have to pay heavy fees of lawyers.

When should I hire a lawyer?

It does not matter to which extent you both trust each other but it is not a wise decision to handle everything in words. It is better to have legal work done otherwise the consequences could be harsh. As to error is human. Maybe after some time of divorce your ex-husband 

  1. Do not give custody of children or do not let you meet your children.
  2. Can do brainwashing of your children and make them stand by his side by putting all the blames on you.
  3. Can stop monthly stipend of your children which you have decided on the time separation, in case of children stay with you.

Pros and cons of hiring a lawyer


Pros of hiring a lawyer:

The process of marriage is a societal affirmation that cannot be done without the presence of a lawyer. Divorce is the same and it equally needs the presence of a lawyer as the marriage does. The presence of a lawyer during the process of separation would be fruitful in the following way:

  1. There will be proof of everything in the form of documents.
  2. If your husband is abusive, you will not confront him alone. Your lawyer will talk to him via legal notices.
  3. If your husband deviates from the agreement, you can consult the court instantly.

Cons of hiring a lawyer:

In worldly matters, there could never be all good or bad. So,

  1. The involvement of lawyer would charge you a handsome amount of money
  2. It will be a time-consuming process 
  3. The involvement of court will involve your children as well in the whole matter, and hence the incident could become a trauma for your children


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