Common Medical Malpractice Types

Medical professionals can make mistakes. Their errors can appear in practically any setting you imagine. However, some medical malpractice types are so much more common than others. As a patient, you need to show that the mistake that happened fell under the standard of care that the doctor had to respect. You cannot simply be disappointed with the procedure for an injury claim.

If you suspect medical malpractice, you might be faced with one of the following scenarios.


Doctors can fail to diagnose and recognize some conditions that other doctors would have easily spotted. Such misdiagnosis can lead to the condition speeding up its progression, leading to an advanced state. This would require more treatment and the patient would end up with greater suffering and pain.

When a serious condition is discussed, late or inaccurate diagnosis can even lead to death. Plaintiffs have to bring expert testimony to prove that misdiagnosis happened and that another doctor would have easily diagnosed the condition if faced with the same scenario.

Anesthesia And Surgical Errors

Most obvious malpractice cases happen during surgical procedures. There are some surgical errors that are known under the name of “never events”. These are events that should never happen.

In such a situation, the patient rarely needs expert medical testimony to prove fault. For instance, a common type of surgical error is when a sponge is left inside the patient during surgery. Also, it is possible to see doctors operate on the wrong parts. Even complications and infections can be a cause of significant harm when not treated in a competent way.

When looking at anesthesia, mistakes could lead to truly devastating consequences, like death and brain injuries. Anesthesiologists might make mistakes when reviewing patient records or administer an incorrect dose.

Medication Errors

Nurses, doctors, and several other medical professionals will be considered accountable for errors as they provide or prescribe medication. Doctors are considered liable when the error happens as they prescribe medication and other hospital employees can be liable when mistakes are happening during administration.

Prescription mistakes can be connected to misdiagnosis. This is because the doctor would prescribe drugs for the wrong medical condition. In other situations, the wrong dosage is prescribed by a nurse or by a doctor.

Birth Injuries

Obstetricians, gynecologists, and several other medical professionals can end up causing lifelong harm to the newborn when they fail to meet a professional care standard. Various conditions can appear because of malpractice, like paralysis, developmental disorders, paralysis, and even fractures, just to mention a few.

Inadequate treatment and care can appear during childbirth or after. For instance, birth injuries could involve a situation in which the doctor cannot diagnose a specific birth defect or medical condition. In other cases, the birth injury can simply appear during delivery. As a very simple example, the doctor might not order the cesarean when it is absolutely mandatory for the health of the baby or the parent.

No matter what malpractice case you have to deal with, it is really important that you hire an attorney to help you. Such cases can be very complex and require advanced legal knowledge.

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