Common Legal Issues that You Might Face in Your Office

Workplace problems are common and several federal and state laws have been introduced to resolve these issues. These incidents may occur between coworkers, employers, and any other staff member. Depending on the severity of the case, the right kind of person should be contacted so that he can look into the matter. If no one in the company seems to help you, an employment lawyer in New Jersey can be contacted who can tell you the legal way to resolve the matter. Some of the common legal matters that need legal assistance ate elaborated below:

Discrimination based on several factors 

This type of issue is common in many countries including the United States. The employees of the company are discriminated against in various parameters such as age, color, race, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation. The issue gets serious when they are denied promotions and perks based on these factors. In this case, an attorney can be hired.

Harassment at the workplace

In federal law, harassment cases are dealt with sensitively. Sexual harassment is also considered a serious offense in which an employer may ask for a sexual favor in return for more wages or promotions. Besides that, if the action of someone creates a hostile environment within the company, it will be taken as harassment at the workplace because an employee will not be able to work properly.

Family and medical leaves

An employer cannot refuse maternity leave and every state has defined the number of months a pregnant or nursing mother can take leave.  Apart from this, if an employee has a family member with a serious medical condition, he can take leaves according to the state’s laws. Likewise, he can also apply for leaves if he is unable to work due to his health problem. In case, an employer is not providing these leave benefits, an attorney can be hired.

Wrongful termination

If an employee has been asked to leave the company based on discrimination or any dispute, he can get in touch with an attorney to prove his innocence in the case. Besides that, if you are working with attorneys or are a sexual harassment victim, he cannot fire you. if you believe that you were performing well, showing up on time, bringing more business to the company, and still getting fired, it is the time to contact an attorney.

If you love your job and don’t want to leave the company on frivolous grounds, you should hire an employment lawyer. 

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