Common Car Accidents Which Take Place On The Road

There are more cars and vehicles on our roads than ever before and it is critical that you are taking every precaution to make sure that you stay safe. Avoiding accidents completely is not possible unfortunately, no matter how well you are driving. The road relies on everyone driving in a safe and responsible manner, and as we have seen repeatedly not everyone does so. There are some common accidents which are worth being aware of however, so that you can make sure that you are even safer when you are driving. Recently a lawyer from Philips Law Group Injury Lawyers was talking to us about the most common reasons for claims, which indicate that some accident types are more frequent than others. 

Knowing these will at least give you something else to check for on the road, to try and keep yourself as safe as possible. 

Bikes and Scooters

Over the last decade we have seen a huge rise in the number of accidents involving cars and bicycles. This is especially true in the big cities, where so many have ditched the car in favor of the greener bicycle, which is actually faster in deep traffic. Additionally we are now seeing many accidents which involve electric scooters, which are fast becoming a feature of cities across the country. The best approach when it comes to bicycles and scooters, is to assume that nobody knows what they are doing, this way you won’t be caught out by any maneuvers which they make. 

Rear End Accidents 

In terms of accidents involving two vehicles, rear end accidents are and have always been the most common. Despite the advice which we are given about the distance which we should leave between us and the car in front, people don’t pay attention. The result is a car which has to brake quickly and the car behind ploughing into the back. Make sure that you leave a safe distance and that you are never distracted when driving. 

T-Bone Collision

T-bone is the phrase which is used to describe collisions where one car crashes into the side of another, usually at a junction. The reasons for this are jumping red lights, failing to check both sides of the road and pulling out when it is not safe to do so. Junctions are so often the location of accidents and it is critical that you check whether you have the right of way and that nothing is coming, remember that a green light doesn’t always mean that you can just go without checking. 

Single Vehicle Crashes

And finally we also see surprising number of single vehicle crashes take place on our roads. This is where a vehicle crashes into a stationary object, with seemingly no real cause. Most experts however will point to distracted drivers as being the main cause of this. Generally speaking there is much more inside a car in the modern world to distract drivers, and this is often cited as the cause for these kinds of collisions. 

Make sure that you are aware of everything that is happening on the road at all times in order to stay safe.

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