Categories Of Employment Status

Labour is one of the broadest things and each and every person is searching for a way they can get employed. Most people who find it difficult to get a job are students who have just completed college since they need to have gone through training first to be taken seriously and when they get the job they want they end up becoming interns for a while before they get the chance to work. Employment rangers from full-time, half-time and seasonal. 

The reason agencies hire employees is that work in the office can be managed and done fast and efficiently. Most employees sign a non-compete agreement enforceable document. For this, you require a non-compete agreement lawyer who will help you decipher what has been written on the paper because you need to know what you are signing. 

There are very many types of employment status, and they are;

  • Employee reputation

An employee is a person who is working for someone or under someone, and you sign a contract with your employer on how much you will be paid and the rules you need to follow and what will happen when you don’t. When you want employee status, you need to look into some things ;

  • As an employee, you are required to carry out your work personally.
  • Your employer needs to disclose the work for you, and it is your duty as an employee to carry out the task efficiently.
  • Your boss needs to look at how the employee is working and look into it.  

  • Worker reputation 

Worker reputation lies between employee and self-employed reputation. In this particular case, workers are usually entitled to fewer statutory rights than employees. However, workers have their own legal rights, and they are;

  • Safety from prejudice. 
  • Safety against unlawful deduction from salaries. 
  • Entitlement to the national minimum salary.
  1. Self-employed reputation

When you are self-employed, you rarely enjoy statutory employment rights. However, they can be safeguarded from prejudice. There are some things you need to consider as a self-employed person, and they are ;

Written agreement – the advantage of being employed is that you enjoy some things such as a lack of discrimination and have the right to complain when not paid. However, these benefits do not cut across self-employed individuals because they work for themselves. 

Control – when you are self-employed you need to know what time you will open your business and when you will close it. You can manage to control the days you go to work and the hours you will take in doing the work. Once you have determined this, you need to stick to it. 

Equipment – when you are self-employed you need to have the right equipment to provide your customers with. 


 When you are an employee you need to follow everything your employer wants you to do because you have signed an agreement. Whether you are self-employed or working for someone, you need to make sure you look into some things so that you could be the right employee. 

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