Cases Handled By A Personal Injury Law Firm

Injuries can have grave implications on the life of the victims. They are likely to incur substantial financial losses in terms of medical bills, lost income, and reduced bodily functions. They might need long-term therapy to recover those functions and heal their trauma. Their quality of life may be temporarily or permanently altered. Their pain and suffering are difficult to quantify. A personal injury law firm can help in easing their burden by ensuring that they get proper compensation from those responsible. Below are just some of the cases that these firms, like personal injury lawyer Sandy Springs, can cover:

Car Accidents

Serious car accidents result in dangerous injuries and massive property damage. Insurance companies should ideally step in and help their customers cover the resulting expenses based on their policies but many are reluctant to do so. They will do everything to reduce the amount of money that they have to pay out. With the help of a lawyer, clients can force these companies to pay as much as they should. If they refuse, then the case can be elevated to the courts where the law firm will fight the legal battle on behalf of their client.

Dog Attacks

States have different ways of dealing with dog bites. Some might be lenient and wave off the first attack with a warning. Others might be strict and punish the owner for the first offence. They might look for signs of reasonable care in preventing such attacks including keeping the pets within a fenced property, using harnesses when walking the dogs, and so forth. Victims might not be able to get compensation if it can be proven that they taunted, hurt, or harassed the dogs, thus triggering their natural instincts to protect themselves and their young.

Construction Site Accident

The construction industry is infamous for its high rate of accidents. Workers risk life and limb every day while doing their jobs, especially in the creation of tall buildings. It is not uncommon for people to fall from great heights and die. Others are able to survive but they sustain permanent injuries that can prevent them from working in the same trade. Workers might also get injured due to falling objects from above, slips from wet areas, cuts from sharp equipment, and so on. Developers should arm them with the right protective gear and adequate training for prevention.

Product Liability Injury

Manufacturers should make sure that their products work as advertised. At the very least, these should not cause harm to the users. Perishable goods should have an expiration date to warn people not to consume the items when these might no longer be at their best. The products should also contain warnings about choke hazards and other dangers if meant to be used as toys for children. They should operate as intended and not cause unexpected things such as overheating and explosions. Personal care products should not make users feel or look worse that before they started using these. A personal injury law firm can evaluate the situation and determine if there is merit in filing a case against the responsible party.

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