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Should I Get a Witness Statement After Someone Hits My Car?

Yes. Anyone who has been involved in a car accident must get a witness statement as soon as possible after the crash. Having accurate witness statements can mean the difference between securing fair compensation and having a claim denied, particularly if the at-fault driver is attempting to blame the injured party or another party for the crash. However, memories naturally fade over time, so it’s always best to get witness statements as quickly as possible after a crash.

Obtaining and Preserving Witness Statements For Your Car Accident Case

As stated earlier, witness statements or testimonies obtained right after a crash can help an injured party win their case. When talking to witnesses, make sure to get their full names, phone numbers, and addresses, along with the specific things they witnessed. While this information may be included in the accident report, some eyewitnesses may be in a hurry to leave and may have left before the responding officers could take their statements.

If the injured party failed to talk to any witnesses, their lawyer can get written transcripts of phone calls or audio recordings made by passing road users that called 911 or the police to report the crash. Usually, the caller’s name and contact details will be included in these reports. Some callers even go into detail about how the crash occurred, and this will be recorded by the operator.

In any case, obtaining an affidavit or written statement right away, whenever possible, is a great idea. Also, bear in mind that it could take several months or years before a case heads to trial, and it may be difficult to find the witnesses later.

Why Witness Statements Are Crucial in a Car Accident Case

Aside from witnessing the actual crash, a witness may likewise explain what they may have:

  • Seen before or after the crash, such as an impaired driver struggling to get in the car or a driver who ran the red light
  • Heard while the crash is happening, such as screeching brakes
  • Smelled, such as a drunk driver (if the witness was close enough to the at-fault driver)

A witness can likewise give their insight on the following:

  • Who was driving the car? In some cases, reckless, drunk, or drugged drivers switch seats with their passengers after a crash and before the police can investigate.
  • A hit-and-run crash. A car accident witness may have seen the car or driver that fled the scene and remembered the car’s license plate or what it looked like.
  • A witness who lives near or in the area where the crash occurred may have valuable insights into how crashes usually happen in the area because of dangerous road conditions or some other reason.

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