At the Verge of Marital Breakdown? Here’s What You Must Know Before Filing for a Divorce!

Breakdown of a marriage is already a very stressful time for the involved parties. On top of it, hiring a divorce lawyer who just wants to suck money out of the situation by complicating it further can be a further wreck. Which is why you should be particularly very careful while choosing a divorce lawyer to represent you. Now comes the question – what is it that makes a divorce lawyer good?

Well, aside from the factor that the lawyer should have experience, he/she should also have proper knowledge about the divorce act because it is, indeed, a very complicated one. You must seek help from lawyers like the Andrew Heft Family Law Attorney

Your lawyer is responsible for informing you about all the things that you need to know before filing for a divorce. The most important ones are compiled below.

  1. Grounds for Divorce Acceptance

Remember, falling apart of marriage is, though, enough to file for a divorce, but the courts do not grant the divorce immediately. You will be required to wait for a period of 1 year to see if things can work out. The cases where you don’t have to wait for a year are:

  • If you have been living separately from your spouse for a year already.
  • If you are suffering from physical or mental abuse at the hands of your spouse. 

Once past this, it’s up to you and your lawyer to proceed with the ground for seeking for a divorce. 

  1. Settlement of Assets

Assets involve money as well as kids. 

The court decided who pays the alimony and who gets the custody of the children. The grounds of decision depend upon the following factors.

  • Who earns more?
  • Who has spent most years at home while the other was out working at the office?

In other words, the spouse that earns more will have to pay the alimony. And, this is irrespective of the fact who has committed the wrongs – that includes adultery as well.

The custody of the child mostly goes to the mother. Especially, when the mother has been the home maker. If the children are adults, their consent is taken into consideration. They can choose who they want to live with. 

All in all, you have to hire good lawyers like Andrew Heft since getting a divorce can get ugly and complex. Having an experienced attorney to fight on your behalf will, thus, increase your chances of a win. 

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