3 reasons to hire a DUI lawyer in Honolulu

We all know that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is gross negligence. Yet, hundreds of people are charged with DUI and OVUII in Hawaii every year. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Honolulu, you could be in serious trouble, depending on how severe the offense is. For someone who has never been charged or arrested for drunk driving, the whole process can be overwhelming. Your best bet is to look for legal expertise, and if you are wondering whether you need a DUI lawyer in Honolulu, we have three reasons that are hard to ignore. 

  1. Your DUI lawyer can guide you on the basics. DUI laws in Hawaii are complex and extremely harsh, even on those who are just visiting the state as a tourist. You need to know the basic laws and how your next moves are likely to impact the outcome of the case. Your lawyer will offer insight into your rights after the arrest. 
  2. Your lawyer can explain the options. At times, you may have the option of accepting that you were drunk or intoxicated at the time of your arrest in return for a reduced charge. If you are actually guilty, this could be a wise thing to do. However, plea bargaining is a complicated aspect, and unless you have an attorney to evaluate the options, don’t agree to anything that the prosecution tells you. 
  3. Your lawyer can handle things in the courtroom. DUI lawyers need to investigate every aspect of the case before they can counter prosecution claims. At times, the state’s case could be a weak one, or the test results could be questionable. An attorney is your resource to manage things before the judge. 

Finding the right DUI lawyer

Not all attorneys are the same when it comes to DUI laws. It would help if you had an experienced criminal lawyer specializing in DUI cases who have been to court for hearings. Make sure you choose a lawyer based on their work and profile, not their pricing. Most criminal lawyers charge an hourly rate, and you may have to pay for a few out-of-pocket expenses, which the chosen attorney will explain. Get an estimate and work on your financials because the overall expenses would add up.

Call a DUI lawyer as soon as you can after being arrested. Don’t forget to share all details of the incident as you remember. 

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