Zion Love Mini Scoop for your iPhone

Zion Love Mini Scoop

Zion Love Sound System is one of a very few local true sound systems. Los Angeles is home to so many collectors and DJ’s and “sound systems” but few have gone all the way and built their set. There’s JanDisco Sound and a few others but Zion Love is one of the top.

They also construct boxes for other sounds that want that real Jamaican feel with the base booming out of real wood and speakers set ups like it should.

It seems they’ve taken this love for all things sound system to the next level and in honor of the new Marvel film Ant-Man (or probably not!) they’ve miniaturized a scoop just for your iPhone. Check out the video Zion Love posted to his page and see how it works. Just drop your iphone in the back of the scoop and hear that bass boom!

Available now for $49.00 US+ shipping. Send a message to Zion Love at his profile.

They also have the whole sound system too if you were wondering. Probably look great on your desk at work or next to your turntables and little home speakers that you call “your sound system”.

Zion Love Mini Sound System

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