Winston Riley Shot

Billboard reports that “songwriter and record producer Winston Riley, 65, was shot in the head and arm on Tuesday, Nov. 1, at his home in Kingston, Jamaica; he is currently being treated at an undisclosed Kingston hospital. A consistent hit maker since the late 1960s, Riley has been the victim of a series of unexplained violent attacks this year; he was shot in August and stabbed in September.”

This follows his desire over the last couple of years to return to Orange Street AKA Beat Street where his original Techniques record store was located and invest a large amount of money to set up a refurbished studio and Jamaican music museum. It’s where it all began for many hitmakers being lined with record shops and recording studios including Augustus Pablo’s Rockers International, Niney the Observer, Studio One and Joe Gibbs. Prince Buster even had a song titled “Shaking Up Orange Street”. It’s a mythical place indeed.

Born and raised in downtown Kingston, Riley is undeterred by the crime that currently grips the downtown area. He has reportedly invested more than $500,000 in the museum/studio renovation, which he has described as his dream project. Riley has also avowed to write books and produce a documentary that will tell the stories of individuals like himself, whose enormous contributions to Jamaica’s music industry have been consistently overlooked.


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