Winston Riley Has Died

Winston Riley Winston Riley has died from the gunshot wound to the head he suffered in November.

His son Kurt Riley told the Observer this morning that his father’s grieving relatives could not figure out a motive behind the attempts on his father’s life.

“Unfortunately Daddy didn’t wake up so we could talk to him to find out if there was something he was not telling us. He was a straightforward man, who was allergic to hypocrisy,” he said.

The Washington Post had a well written piece about his passing.

He is of course the founder of one of the greatest vocal groups in history The Techniques, famed record producer and record shop owner as well as the man behind some of the greatest rhythms such as Stalag and Ring the Alarm that have been covered endlessly through the years.

Just one of the many many productions this man did.

A true genius that died for no reason and will be sadly missed.

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