Western Standard Time Live + Hepcat Equals Greatness

Western Standard TimeLast year the big band tribute to The Skatalites known as Western Standard Time played a few gigs. Thanks to modern technology we’re blessed with live video from the performances for those of us that could not make it. What a treat the videos are. Most look great as opposed to the usual shaky hand held style work we get. Ahhhh modern technology.

Here is Part 1 of the Flight & Sounds concert from the Great OC Park. The intro, all 2 minutes and 40 seconds of it, is a bit long but as soon as the band starts in (known as Western Pacific Time via a title text – HA!) it makes all the waiting worth it.

Here’s more of the concert with part 2 of the video. In total that’s about 30 minutes of live well shot video. What a treat.

They also did another gig and brought along some featured guests you might know. Here they are with Greg Lee, Alex Desert and Deston Berry from Hepcat. Yeah let’s all “Monkey Ska”!

“Latin Goes Ska”

Here is a video from the official Western Standard Time youtube channel of an unreleased cut from their debut LP from a 2012 show.

Who has the LP? What did you think about the versions of the tunes they choose to cover? Would you like to see more live performances?

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