Watch Full Madness Set from Vive Latino 2012

Madness Viva Latino 2012Back in 2012 Madness were again taking their madcap romp act on the road and doing one of their biggest shows ever. Vive Latino was one of those stops. It’s the biggest festival in Mexico City and one of the largest in the world with over 100,000 people attending every year and this was no different. It features acts from around the Spanish and English, and many other, speaking world and the fans love it. They go crazy. Thankfully the full set was captured and put up on youtube for all of us to see. So step back, grab yourself a seat, this may not be Jamaica, but I promised you a treat.

Track Listing
00:02 One Step Beyond
02:40 Embarresment
05:39 The Prince
08:08 NW5
12:00 My Girl
14:39 The Sun And The Rain
18:26 I Chase The Devil A.K.A. Iron shirt
22:03 Shut Up
25:13 Bed And Breakfast Man
27:36 Forever Young
31:32 House Of Fun
34:27 Baggy Trousers
36:55 Our House
40:06 It Must Be Love
43:36 Madness
46:20 Night Boat To Cairo

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