VIDEOS: Gaylads Live in Los Angeles

Back in March the Echo hosted a special night featuring the reunited Gaylads.

The LA Weekly had this to say about the main man bringing the band back together again:

The Gaylads’ frontman Harris “B.B.” Seaton is a towering figure in the world of Jamaican music, despite the fact that he remains a fairly obscure figure internationally. “This is a little country that’s created this music that’s influenced the world,” says Morales. “B.B. was a producer, musician and screener. He screened Bob Marley before he got his start.” Thus, The Gaylads are not only important as a pioneering rocksteady band, but also in shaping the entire course of Jamaican music for the last 50 years.

It was an amazing night of classic Reggae tunes performed by still vital Jamaican legends. The night also featured the first west coast artist signed to Motown Records the sweet soul sounds of Brenda Holloway.

Check out the LA Weekly article here

Lawless Street was there and managed to capture a few songs before putting away the camera and dancing the night away.


“If You Don’t Mind”

Short clip doing the Ska

Here are a few crappy pictures I took that night. What a great event it was!

What was your favorite song of the night? Leave it in the comments below.

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