Video Sound Clash Straight To I (Roy that is)

A friend posted this video to facebook and I thought I’d give her some props for such a great classic cut. Here you go Hepkitten – This one’s for you!

Great reggae classic “Hot Bomb” by I Roy & The Jumpers
Green Door/ Trojan Records (GD-4030A) 1972

and here’s one from me to you.

The Mexicano with a message for I Roy & Prince Jazzbo “Cut Throat”
Angen label (ANG-111) 1974

THE MEXICANO [Roots Archive Entry]

and for good measure here’s another cut from The Mexicano who doesn’t look very Mexican from the looks of it above.

The Mexicano “Move Up Starsky (I’m Still Waiting)”.
The first of only two releases on the BAAL label.
(BDN 38037) 1976

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