[VIDEO] One Love Peace Concert

One LoveThe One Love Peace Concert was one of the largest concerts held in Jamaica at the time with many of the islands top talent performing together. It all went down on April 22, 1978 at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. It featured performances from legends Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Big Youth, The Mighty Diamonds and others alongside newcomers like Althea and Donna.

As everyone knows now the highlight of the entire event came near the end when Bob Marley called the two warring political leaders Michael Manley of the PNP and Edward Seaga of the JLP to the stage at the same time. He proceeded to have them embrace hands in a sign of solidarity for the island. .

Bob MarleyAs the Guardian mentioned last year in a piece the concert was planned as a celebration for the end of the violence that had gripped the island recently from both political parties. It also commemorated the visit exactly 12 years earlier by the Ethiopian leader Haile Selassie, regarded as a deity by the Rastas, to the island. Adding to that it was also the first concert Bob Marley, now an international superstar, had given in his homeland in a year and a half after a surely politically motivated assassination attempt in December 1976.

Take a peep at this video featuring some of the best material from the hours long festival.

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