VERSION GALORE: Ethiopians’ Everything Crash Gets A Ride

Everyone that seriously digs deep into the music, as I am sure most of the readers of this site do, knows that any tune that was a major hit in Jamaica was soon to become a favorite among other artists to do their own take. That’s the idea behind VERSION GALORE. To highlight a little history by showcasing the long past of certain tunes and having a bit of fun as well.

So with everything going on with the US economy lately and the last minute deals being worked on in the capital it seemed like a perfect time for a piece on The Ethiopions’ “Everything Crash” right?

“Everything Crash” was originally released in 1968 and went on to be one of their first major hits along with others such as “Train To Skaville”. The song lashed out at the political situation in Jamaica at the time and unrest from water rationing and power cuts. It was a political song before the roots style took over with overt stands on issues that were affecting the islands people. The lyrics seem fitting with the themes taking over our nation now with such things as the FAA shutdown, job loses, social services cutbacks, layoffs, etc.

There have been many versions using the riddim of course. Some of my favorite’s are Ansel Collins’ organ instrumental cut “Bigger Boss” from 1969 (DU-35) and Prince Buster’s not one but two cuts “Pharaoh House Crash” and “Django Fever”.

Other notable cuts come from Clint Eastwood & General Saint, Freddie MacGregor, Jimmy Riley blasting Channel One and a sublime Augustus Pablo cut. Check out the embedded videos below.

The Ethiopions “Everything Crash”

Ansel Collins “Bigger Boss”

Prince Buster “Pharaoh House Crash”

Prince Buster “Django Fever”

Jimmy Riley “Channel One Crash”

The Crashers “Hurry Come Up”

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