Updated Boss Sounds Book Is Bigger Boss

/// UPDATE:Seems that the first run has already sold out and it’s gonna take some time to get more due. Dave says he’s hard at work getting the first orders back from the printers and sent out. Future orders will go through eBay but in a few months. ///

The updated BOSS SOUNDS book has been released! After 5 years of talking about it and working extensively to update and make it better the author Marc Griffiths and new designer Dave “Old Wah” Sanford have completely the transformation.

The new book has more pages (a whopping 240!), full color cover, an all new updated design/layout with full color images, high quality scans, updated and more indepth text and so much more! This is a must have book for any fan of JA music and early Skinhead Reggae. The cost is a steal knowing how much those beat up yet cherished old versions go for these days. Cost for the book is just £20 + shipping which is UK 2£ UK, £5.50 EU or £8.60 Rest of the World.

The authors state the book will be available as a print-on-demand publication meaning when they are out of stock ordes will be placed in as a pre-order for the next run. How ever long you have to wait to get it will be just fine I’m sure.

Just email Dave Sanford for availability and payment details.

I’m hoping to get mine soon or talk Dave into doing something cool with us to help promote the new release. Will keep everyone in the loop if they go for it!

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