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Unreleased Stranger Cole & Tamlins Tune “Morning Train”

Stranger Cole

Moss Mossman Raxlen, the producer of the wonderful Rocksteady film posted an unreleased tune hours ago featuring Stranger Cole & The Tamlins from the film production.

Back in 2009 David Dacks wrote a piece for exclaim.ca that talked to Mossman about the film. He explained at the time that with the passing of some of the leading lights of the genre’s 1966 to ’69 time frame he “got to talking with friends on the need to do something like Buena Vista Social Club, but about the start of reggae: Rocksteady.

Which of course has led to a continued stream of interesting nuggets like this.

Stranger Cole & The Tamlins – Morning Train ( Unreleased ) w. Rocksteady All Stars


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